Japanese girl group NMB48 has revealed the short PV for their new single “Durian Boy (ドリアン少年)” with member Suto Ririka being the center for the first time.



It was previously announced at their concert in June 9th that they would be releasing a new single and also treated their fans to a choreography version PV of the title track. At the concert, it was also announced that member Suto Ririka (Team N) would be the center for the very first time during this this single’s promotion. On becoming center for the very first time, she could only comment that, “When the manager made the announcement, everything went blank, and I felt dizzy.



Check out the “Dance Short Ver.” PV that was revealed below:





Durian Boy (ドリアン少年)” (pronounced “Dorian Shounen”) was released on July 15th in four different editions and is NMB48‘s 12th single album release. The album was released in Type A, Type B, Type C, and Theater Edition. There are coupling tracks from each of the teams included on Type A-C’s CD.
Check out the short PV for the new single below: