Ohara Sakurako sets the perfect mood for summer in her new music video for “Glorious Morning“.



Regarding the PV, she says; “It’s has a very natural worldview. It will invigorate your summer mornings.” And she’s absolutely right! This music video makes you reminisce of the warm yet energetic summer mornings, with the brightness of the sun urging you to have fun – just like she is! This gorgeous music video was filmed by CHOKU, who collaborated with her before for the music videos “Hitomi” and “Happy Days“!



Furthermore, the plot in “Glorious morning” is said to link to the story in the “Manatsu no Taiyou” music video, so be on the lookout for that!



Glorious morning” is presently the theme song for  ‘Mezamashi Doyoubi‘ from Fuji TV. It will also be included in her new single ‘Manatsu no Taiyou’ which is set to release on the 22nd of July.



What do you guys think?