90DayKorean (abbreviated as 90DK) is an organisation that was established in late 2013. Their philosophy is to teach the Korean language in a way that’s enjoyable, fun and in your own pace. After garnering much deserved attention from their ’90 Minute Challenge’, a video teaching learners the concept of the Korean alphabet, they began creating and sharing lessons for those who wanted to gain knowledge of the language. The feedback from the general audience is absolutely incredible, and rightfully so! I have been given the blessed opportunity to do one of their trials, and have conducted a list of reasons as to why 90DayKorean is as prestigious as the internet claims it to be!



The website and lessons are easily navigable. The layout of the website as well as their emails are really nicely structured and put out in terms of visuals, which makes the experience more enjoyable. You’re not spending 20 minutes trying to find a certain link or information as it’s all laid out neatly yet nicely too. In terms of their emails, (which are incredibly encouraging and well thought out) it’s quite evidence staff put in a lot of effort in each email they write. Whether it’s their friendly approach or caring nature when nurturing your Korean-learning-survival needs, the people of 90DK are there to cater to your every wish and they do so with well presented style. Although content value and teaching methods are obviously the focal points when progressing with this course, I must point out that their presentation skills really add to the experience!



If there’s one thing that distinctively stood out to me, it’s just how encouraging the staff is! Whether it’s in their email or in the actual lessons, 90DK really emphasize the whole notion of taking it one step at a time whilst learning not to give up in the process. When they began to explain what we will be learning, I felt slightly nervous because it seemed overwhelming. However, they made sure to conclude many of their paragraphs with supportive phrases or expressions that really brought me far. Only beginning your course? Great, they’re able to ease you into the process slowly with some inspiring words along the way. Heading into the more intermediate yet complex concepts? Excellent! They’ll guide you with absolute ease! Are you feeling like it’s a bit too overwhelming for you? That’s perfectly fine; they’ll reassure you to work at your own pace and at a speed that’s more convenient to you. It’s a teaching method that definitely isn’t infiltrated in the schooling system, so to be able to witness this at my very own screen is not only comforting but extremely impressive too!



Adding on to that, 90DK make sure to communicate with you on a one to one basis, making the learning experience that bit more personal for you. When you sign up, they ask you to fill out a questionnaire that’s more about you and your goals and values, and what you’d like to learn and what you’d think is helpful. When I first saw it and filled it in, I assumed it was just some sort of fluke to make it seem like they take their opinions into consideration. Yet, to my delightful surprise, I get an email the next day, with my own personal trainer, (Her name was Jamie Park and she was absolutely lovely – and I didn’t expect less from the 90DayKorean team) addressing my aims and objectives that I wanted to achieve after finishing this course. My personal tutor read my answers and actually discussed them with me and how I’d be able to fit my hobbies and life situations into learning Korean. By incorporating my passions with my objectives, it really heightened the learning experience for me. It was a useful and effective way to help me converse in Korean, yet also incredibly heart warming too!



The content taught in the course is extremely useful yet easy to understand also. They break it down for you step by step (of course, with colour coding and pretty text because it wouldn’t be 90DayKorean if it wasn’t gorgeously laid out) and explain complex ideas with simple translation. They commence with the basics and the main back bone of the Korean language, and slowly begin to seep in difficult ideas without you even realising it because they teach it so well. They use an incredibly effective teaching method which is varying our senses to pique our interest. There’s diagrams, charts, real life photographs and also their ‘90 Minute Challenge’ video, all combining together to keep your interest in what’s being taught. Moreover, they set realistic goals as to what you will and can achieve in a short space of time, yet you still get the maximum learning outcome possible.



Are you looking to learn Korean and get taught in a way that doesn’t make you feel like… well… you’re getting taught? Do you want to work with a group of encouraging, friendly and selfless individuals who cater to your Korean-language-learning needs? Well, what are you waiting for? 90DayKorean is the perfect place to start your learning experience, and you most certainly won’t regret it! With their well presented lessons, uplifting motives and brilliant content, you are guaranteed to achieve the learning outcomes you deserve!


Review by Dea

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