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Today I’ll be reviewing our partner Blippo’s new subscription box called Japan Candy Box. It is exactly as the box says. A monthly subscription box filled with Japanese candy! Sounds delicious, right?




As a massive candy lover, I couldn’t accept the offer to sample this box quick enough! Just like the Kawaii box, each month you’ll get this sent straight to your door filled with 10 different Japanese snacks. A respectable price of $19.90 with international shipping included. Included in the box is an information card, so there is no need to worry about not being able to understand what is what.



Based just on the Kawaii box, I have high hopes. Its a fantastic idea, perfect for those who live in a place where Japanese treats are nowhere/hard to be found. They give you a range of snacks to try so you’ll be sure to find one that you enjoy. If you find any you would like to try yourself, just click on the photo to buy it straight off the Blippo site.


In the July box:


I’ve tried this addictive biscuit type snack before and loved them so I was excited to see them included. The creamy green tea filling has a very light taste that works well with the thin wafer layer.




On opening this diy kit, I could already smell the strong scent of sweets. Seriously it smelt so good; like the blue and pink fizzy bottle sweets I used to have as a kid. The instructions were pretty straightforward. The actual taste of it however was unusual. They didn’t really taste like soda or strawberry flavour like they were meant to. The clear goo that you had to dip the sweets in, instead tasted minty.




These cookies were really small, the good thing is that you get many in a pack. They had a very powerdy type coco taste, but apart from that it was just like a normal chocolate cookie- nothing extra ordinary about it.




This had an extremely flavoursome grape smell and taste. Inside were small white bits which were sour, hard purple pieces of popping candy and pink candyfloss. I love how the candy floss melted in my mouth very quickly, leaving the sour tangy popping candy.The popping candy floss was definitely my favourite in terms of taste!




The concept for this sweet is awesome, each sweet comes with paper pokemon playing cards in which im assuming to collect. Shaped like bubble gum, it’s very chewy! At first it has a sweet pineapple fruit taste, though after a while the taste begins to fade.




I’ve previously tried the chocolate Pocky sticks, but never the strawberry flavour. They taste similar to the Lotte and Mikado biscuit sticks. I love the colour of pink that the flavour is in. Whenever I eat these, I first have to take all the strawberry outside then eat the naked biscuit on its own. The best way!





The opening of this sweet is very convenient and makes it easy to tip out many small pieces. In order to achieve a strong grape flavour, you need to a large number. Likewise, the flavour disappears very quickly.




Another pineapple flavoured sweet. It’s a hard boiled drop that isn’t very sweet. It tastes very refreshing. I prefer this one over the Pokemon Pineapple Chewy Candy (05).The only bad thing about this, is that there was only 3 pieces.
09.  I was very confused with this product. Listed as Maruta Soda Fruit Candy, I could only taste a cheap cola flavour. It smells very strange and artifical. As soon as you pop it into your mouth, it starts to fizz very quickly and turns to a powder type substance.




I found this particular candy very interesting… It’s an off brown colour, in which it changes colour to represent your mood. For me, each time I tried one it changed to the same clear, yellow type colour that tasted a little like grape. It has an unappetizing aftertaste.


If I had to pick a fault with this box, the only small thing I would point out is that there were many conflicting flavours. 2 grape, 2 pineapple and 2 cola flavour. The need for greater variety could be improved.
Overall I had so much fun reviewing this box! Although I didnt know what some of them were the cute and colourful packaging convinced me to try them! It allows you to open up your taste buds to new and unusual tastes that you most likely haven’t tried before. This also gives you the opportunity to compare these candies with your own countries treats.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review as much as I’ve enjoyed eating it!
For more information and to join the subscription, visit: http://www.japancandybox.com/r/27/

Review by Joanna Chung

Disclaimer: Blippo sent this box for the purpose of a review and all opinions expressed are solely my own.


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