To celebrate the announcement of our new partnership, we have here for you not only our first JAPAKO Music product review, but a giveaway as well!



Firstly, I’ll introduce our new partner Blippo.



Blippo is an online store selling a range of products from Asia (China, Japan and Korea) all of which is kawaii or contains a cute style. These sorts of items are omnipresent in Asia so it comes to no surprise that there is a worldwide store for everybody to enjoy! This includes candy and snacks to home ware and beauty items. You could probably find everything kawaii you need just from Blippo.



For review is The Kawaii Box subscription which is part of Blippo. Every month, 10-12 items are put together as part of the box then delivered to your door with love from Singapore. At $18.90/month, they post around the world and payment is through Paypal- making it easy for everyone! You are not committed to anything, meaning you can cancel anytime and did I mention shipping was free? They even have special offers for those who want to join a monthly plan.



As quoted, delivery takes “ usually around 2 weeks“. For me it took 2 weeks exactly to the UK.



On first impressions, simply put its definitely very pretty and I like the way its presented. Its recognizable that care has been put into the box. None of the items look cheap and of bad quality. All these items are newly added onto the site. The links are added of all the products mentioned, if you are interested in getting them yourselves!



In the box:








These are small cylinder pieces of green tea flavoured cream, wrapped in a thin wafer layer. Its an addictive biscuit type snack that doesn’t have an overpowering taste. Definitely get these again and they seem to do other flavours too, which I’d love to try.




squishy paw



I have this adorable squishy paw hanging on my phone, i just love squishing it and playing with it when I’m bored. But after about a week, the brown colour has started to come off in places which is very disappointing.




Alpacas Pencil case



Personally i’m not a big fan of alpacas, but they look good on this pencil case. Its very simple and compact and can also be used for other things other than stationary like small make up.







I’ve never seen a cuter ball pen that writes so smoothly.




macaron minibox


macaron minibox 2



This mini container is useful for small things such as earrings or even light change. At the moment, its sitting on my desk as decoration because its pretty.




jewel phone sticker



I feel like the squishy key chain and these stickers would be too much on my phone, so instead these could be used as nail stickers or other decoration.







I love Rilakkuma! This is an official Sanrio product that would be perfect for everyday use. It goes well with the pen.




rabbit sticker



I’ve never seen these puffy 3D type stickers. The rabbits are so cute and so much more fun than ‘normal’ stickers.




neko plush



The plush charm is literally so soft and large compared to some of the other items.




ribbon hairclip



It’s very sturdy and hard and the colours match well. It would make a sweet addition to add a bit of fun in your hair or spice up a boring hairstyle.




glitter set

The glitter was everywhere in the package and made a mess which was annoying. I’m not sure yet what use I’ll have for this as i’m not a big fan of glitter but it has lovely, bright colours.




One thing I personally think would make this box even greater is by giving people more of a choice in what they are going to be receiving. For example, if they allowed a selection of perhaps 2-3 items at least you know for sure you’re paying for something that you know you’ll actually like/will have use for-making it personal to you. Like in this box, there was 2 set of stickers. Although I understand the whole idea behind it is for the element of surprise of different products, it can be frustrating especially when you get items that you don’t necessary have a use for and it’ll just be a waste to you. Also it lessens the chance of getting a similar product to what you may already have etc. After some further research I found they also have a kawaii surprise box. Every box is handpicked and different from any other so you will have no idea what to expect.






Overall there were more products I enjoyed that outweighed the not-so good items. Each box seem to be getting better and better each month so i’m excited to see what will be included in the June Box.



If you’re looking for all things kawaii and adorable is where you need to be!  You can find further information at or



Finally it’s time for the giveaway, One lucky winner will receive their own Kawaii Box to enjoy! To participate in this cool giveaway, just fill in the necessary details below.
Keep your eyes peeled to see if you’re the winner.






Review by Joanna Chung


Disclaimer: Blippo sent this box for the purpose of a review and all opinions expressed are solely my own.




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