Are you an international, English-speaking K-pop fan? Do you enjoy watching After School Club, but want even more? Then, join the energetic, hyperactive B.I.G member, Benji as he makes your tiredness disappear with his high energy as the DJ of Music Access every day at 2PM – 4PM KST (that’s 1AM – 3AM EST for fellow East coast readers).



The show has two daily segments – Message Time and MA Trash Can – which are both run by Benji and he also plays an amazing blend of both K-pop song and English songs. Even if you have never heard of the artist before, you will not be disappointed by the song choices. Listeners can tune in to the show via the show’s website on their PC  [HERE]  or via an app on mobile devices. There is even a video option, so that listeners can watch his silly antics on camera.



During Message Time, which may be done three or four times throughout the two hours show, Benji reads and responds to messages that were sent in by listeners to Music Access’s message board. Messages can range from short greetings to a description of their day to even questions and challenges and Benji responds to as many as possible to the best of his abilities.



MA Trash Can is another daily segment that happens during the first hour of the show. Similar to Message Time, Benji will read messages from his listeners, but these messages are those that were specifically marked “MA Trash Can” in the subject and the stories are about feelings or memories that have happened that they want to forget about or “delete.” After reading the story, Benji talks about the issue and discusses ways to possibly fix it, in hopes that listeners can hear the story and relate to them. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He then takes the bad feelings or memories and throws them away in the MA trash can.






On weekdays, Benji usually has a special guest join him in the studio during the second hour of the show. Some of these special guests seem to be permanent guests with their own corner with Benji, for example, “Benji and Jane’s SOME” every Tuesday and “Two Guys and Music” with Sam on Wednesdays. The topic and the feel of each corner, of course, varies with each of the special guests. While “Benji and Jane’s SOME” has a more serious tone, with the duo discussing and answering questions about relationship, Benji’s corner with Sam is pure fun as they play a music-based game each week.



Although he is an inexperienced radio host, with only a couple months under his belt, and his voice is not one that is stereotypically considered a good DJ voice, Benji brings to the table two things that are almost just as good – high energy and a willingness to learn.  I feel like he is always asking for more and more feedback from his listeners and tries to use that feedback to become a better DJ. He may not have the deep announcer voice, but his voice matches the hyper energy he brings to the studio and because of this, it is difficult not to feel energized while listening to his show. If you need a pick-me-up, this is definitely a radio show worth checking out.