The Japanese punk-rock garage quartet, OTOBOKE BEAVER, announced their upcoming international debut!



Otoboke Beaver will soon make their international debut with their album titled “Okoshiyasu!! Otoboke Beaver“. The album  is a compilation of the (sold out) singles (‘Akimahenka’ ‘Otobokebeaver Dai Jikenbo’) paired with their debut album ‘Mokugeki! Love Me Sign’ & mini album “Konya Kagiri Nante Zettai Honto Ni Iwasenai !“. It will drop on March 11th and it will consist of 13 tracks. Check out the track list below!



otoboke beaver1



1) Akimahenka

2) Anata Ga Falling Love Shitanoha Watashi Ga kirai Na Onnanoko

3) Sawarantoite

4) Otobokebeaver DaiJikenbo

5) Ultra Miracle Super Saiya Phyche Festival

6) Powerfull Busu

7) Beaver Ni Tsuretette

8) Onisan Anone

9) No Theme

10) Aisare Roulette

11) Burikko Bokumetsu

12) Monmon Katto Saizensen ~Koi Ha Inochigake-

13) Suki Suki Darling



For those who don’t know,the band’s name is taken from a local ‘Love Hotel’ and their songs are about bad love, devious boyfriends and general sexism. Otoboke Beaver are part of a new wave of feminist Japanese bands, defining themselves sexually and musically.  Formed in the summer of 2009 in Kyoto, Japan, the band is composed of: Accorinrin (lead Vocal & Guitar), Yoyoyoshie (Guitar &Vocals), Hiro-chan (Bass &Vocals), Pop (Drums &Vocals). The girls like to define themselves as: “Japanese girls ‘knock out or pound cake’ band”.



otoboke beaver2



Otoboke Beaver emerged from Kyoto music scene and they were influenced by western Riot Grrrl attitudes and the sounds of punk and angular post-rock a lot. Despite their young age – all the members are in their 20’s, they make easy work of the complex arrangements, reminiscent of inventive jazzy queercore punks ‘God Is My CoPilot’ or Barry Hogan (ATP) favourites’ ‘Afrirampo’. All of Otoboke Beaver’s songs are in Japanese and sometimes they add in the lyrics some untraslatable words in Kyoto’s slang: as a matter of fact, ‘Okoshiyasu’, the album’s title, is Kyoto slang for ‘welcome’.



Their incredible talent in music and performing on stage also captured the attention of one of the most famous Japanese artist, Emi Morimoto (ex Shonen Knife) who said about them: “Their cute looks and crazy performance won my heart. After that, I heard that they were 10 years my junior at the music circle of the Ritsumeikan University in KYOTO. The fact made my fondness of them grew bigger and bigger. Their music is splendid, not to mention their individual personalities and musicianship, too. “.



The group will kick off the promotion of the album with the pre-release of the single “Anata Ga Falling Love Shitanoha Watashi Ga kirai Na Onnanoko” that will drop on January 29th. Check out a little preview in the video below!





Also, two months after the release of the album, the band will also embark in a mini tour in the United Kingdom. Check out the dates for the tour below!



– May 1st in London London Walpurgis Nacht Festival @ Brixton Windmill & DIY POPFEST @ Shacklewell Arms

– May 2 in Coventry – The Tin Angel

– May 5 in Nottingham – Maze w/ Shonen Knife

– May 6 in Leicester – Musician w/ Shonen Knife




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