Otsuka Ai announces her new single ‘Watashi‘ on February 15th.

The title track of the single will be theme song of Fuji TV‘s new drama “Kirawareru Yuuki”. The single also will come with “Sakura Hara Hara” which is used for “FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 -Risshun-“ digital art exhibition.

The single will come as three different types: CD+Book, CD+DVD and CD-Only. The CD+Book version will have a style book titled “Show Otsuka Ai as of now.”

Check out the covers and tracklist for Otsuka Ai‘s new single below:


01. Watashi
02. Sakura Hara Hara
03. Joshi Shelter
04. Watashi (Instrumental) (CD-Only Version)
05. Sakura Hara Hara (Instrumental) (CD-Only Version)
06. Joshi Shelter (Instrumental) (CD-Only Version)


01. Watashi (Music Clip)
02. Special Footage: Making


The CD+DVD Version:

CD-Only Version:

CD+Book Version: