Owen Ovadoz and Joe Rhee release their collaboration single album titled ‘Pulp Fiction‘!



This is their second collaboration since ‘OJ‘, their mini album that was released in May. What’s intriguing is that this single (Pulp Fiction) was actually created in the space of one day! It consists of two tracks; one called “Let Me Be” which is a groovy, retro disco track and the other being called “Summer Time Vibe” which contrasts completely to the previous track with it’s strong and upbeat trap melody!



The two of them say this about their single:  “Each of us has their own road to take but we’ve made these songs real quickly in the sense of taking a short break before we keep walking.



You can check out the track list below!


Tracklist and credits:
01. 내버려둬 [Let Me Be] Lyrics: Owen Ovadoz, Joe Rhee, 24
Composition: Joe Rhee, 24
Arrangement: Joe Rhee, 24


02. Summer Time Vibe
Lyrics: Owen Ovadoz, Joe Rhee, 24
Composition: Joe Rhee, 24, Owen Ovadoz
Arrangement: Joe Rhee, 24