After teasing us for quite a while, co-ed group parasol has released two new music videos!



The first music video titled “The Bait” was released on the 28th of July. “The Bait” comes from parasol‘s 1st full length album. However, it almost didn’t make it to the track list before the album’s release because they couldn’t come up with any lyrics for the track. Thankfully, they were able to save the song while they were in the studio. And we’re quite thankful, considering the song is so brilliant. The music video doesn’t offer much apart from the group running down a field in slow motion.



Then their second music video called “Your Posture” was released on the 3rd of August. It takes a different turn to the previous track considering it’s more calm and mellow, even if the bass and electric guitar do sound quite similar. This song comes from  “One Day When That Day (언젠가 그 날이 오면)” that was released on July 17th.



Check out both music videos below!