Conditions of partnership for association or general KPOP page with more than 2000 likes:


We prone a win-win situation with a mutual promotion. We can provide:

  • Logo on our website and in our magazine in the Partner section
  • A promotion of any events or activities you would like us to share
  • Magazines to give away for your association/page.
  • If you want to do a review of our magazine, we can send you a sample for you to make an article about it.


Conditions of partnership with fan pages:


If fan pages who became affiliates with us, show us dedication and stick with us by promoting JAPAKO Music actively. We propose them to become our partner. It means:


  • The logo will be on our website under the Partner.
  • The logo can be also put in the JAPAKO Mag in the partner section
  • They will be invited to participate to our events
  • They will get privileged regarding their idols (if we can help) and help or sponsoring for any event they would organise.


Conditions of Affiliation:


Any fan page can be our affiliates, if they wish to help us promote JAPAKO music and have us promoting the fan page. We are willing to share your page or/and an event if you do the same for us. If you wish to become a partner, you need to become firstly an affiliate and show us your motivation.

You will be added in the affiliates group so you can be up to date with JAPAKO music activities, it is your decision to share or not. But you can become a partner only if you are active.