It has been announced that the popular instrumental unit →Pia-no-jaC← will be kicking off a summer tour in Europe this summer.



The duo had taken over Europe when they held their very first European tour last year, with 28 concerts from Belgium to Spain, and they are back at it again this year with their EURO SUMMER TOUR 2015.



Check out the confirmed concert tour dates below:


July 24th : Palermo (Italy)

July 26th : Palermo (Italy)
July 30th : Lucera (Italy)
July 31rst : Andria (Italy)

August 1st : Matera (Italy)

August 7th : Barletta (Italy)
August 8th : Marina di Pisticc (Italy)
August 10th : Taranto (Italy)
August 11th : Taranto (Italy)
August 12nd : Corciano (Italy)



As stated above, these are only the dates that have been confirmed so far, but other dates and locations may be added. To stay up-to-date on concert dates and locations, as well as other information concerning →Pia-no-jaC←, follow them as the links below: