The Japanese indie-punk trio have just released their new album, “PLASTICZOOMS

This is the band first self-title album and it was released on January 11th boht in Japan and internationally (HIGHFeel produced and distribuites this edition)! It comes after a five-country tour in Europe and a whole year (starting from 2015) in Berlin where they worked on the album and performed.

The German influences also come from the mixing as the Berlin-based French DJ/Producer ELECTROSEXUAL mixed all the songs. “PLASTICZOOMS” include 10 tracks, check out the tracklist below!

  1. Frontal Attack
  2. The Future
  3. Quite Cleary
  4. Minds
  5. Highway
  6. U12
  7. Night & Hurt
  8. Smoke Motion
  9. Veiled Eyes
  10. Breitenbach

“Highway” is the promotional track of the album for which they have released a promotional video. Check it out above! As the video was shot with the collaboration of Hideki Matsutake and Michiko London Koshino, the group revealed their toughts about it:

As a celebration of their 30 years in fashion industry, we’re in this video doing a special collaboration with the brand MICHIKO LONDON KOSHINO and the analog synthesizer master Hideki Matsutake.

MICHIKO LONDON KOSHINO entered the fashion stage in the 80’s, and has since kept on beeing a natural representant of Japanese street fashion. The bomber jacket style from this video has become a popular clubwear in London, and truly shows that fashion and music often goes hand in hand.

And we’re also proud of being able to work with 80’s techno/new wave pioneer Hideki Matsutake, the YMO synthesizer programmer who’s known as one of the few people mastering the MOOG IIIc (also known as Tansu), putting him amongst the best of the best in the music industry. PLASTICZOOMS aims to combine sound and fashion, taking inspiration from older genres and the newest trends. It’s really an honor to work together with established people in both scenes!

Some stills from the video shooting have also been released so check them out in the gallery below!

We can’t wait to hear your opinion about the album so let us know!

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