Amoeba Culture‘s Primary has finally released his ‘2-3‘ single album along with the music video for the main track “Don’t Be Shy“.



The recently released album is a double single and consists of “Mileage” which features MAMAMOO‘s Hwa Sa and Hi-Lite‘s CEO Paloalto who previously already featured on his EP ‘Primary And The Messengers’.



The other track is called “Don’t Be Shy” featuring AOA‘s ChoA and Iron. She sings “Don’t Be Shy” in the chorus and asks ‘him’ to not hide the good feelings they have for one another while being together.



For this track, they have released a music video which is definitely not ordinary with ChoA starring in it. How it was filmed reminds party of some old recordings which makes it only scarier. Also elements of supernatural elements were added.



But check it out yourself below !