As fans already know, VIXX members Ravi and Leo will be teaming up to form VIXX’s first sub-unit group named LR.



While there was previously a video trailer released that revealed the two members as the ones to make up the upcoming sub-unit, they have recently released a new teaser video to Ravi’s rap part in “Beautiful Liar” and it shows Ravi in a dark place with only a single light above his head. With him being shirtless, fans can clearly see his tattoo saying “YOLO You Only Live Once”.



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The track is sure to be one for fans to remember as the tracklist shows that Ravi had participated in both writing the lyrics alongside Kim JiHyang and Rhymer and composing the track alongside MELODESIGN.  Check out his teaser video below:






With less than a week until their debut, Leo‘s teaser is sure to be released soon. Stay tuned for it!