Red Velvet are to come back to the limelight with the title track “Rookie” on February 1st!

For now, we know ‘Rookie‘ will be their  4th mini-album including 6 tracks, and that teaser images for members Seulgi and Wendy and the first teaser video have been released.

Check them out below!

Is this an alternative continuation of Red Velvet‘s ‘The Red‘ concept? Stay tuned for more updates!


Red Velvet have dropped leader Irene‘s concept photos for “Rookie“. She does look like a real life doll. Have a look at her photos below and look forward to Joy‘s and Yeri‘s concept images!


Red Velvet have released the 2nd teaser video for their upcoming track “Rookie“. They are famous for their eccentric and unique concepts and it looks “Rookie” is also one of them.

In the short video the girls seem to find something when they open the closet or the curtains. What could it be? Stay tuned for more updates!


The teaser images for Joy are now out, in which she can be seen dressed in the cute red and blue outfits the other members were too! Take a look below and stay tuned for Yeri‘s teasers!


The images for Red Velvet’s maknae are out! Check her out in the three different images below!