The rookie girl group A.N.D.S have made a comeback with their latest track “Ttan Tta Da“.



A.N.D.S, a rookie girl group who made their debut recently, have returned with their second single “Ttan Tta Da“. This single was released on July 29th! It’s just the beginning of these girls’ music careers, but already we can see they have great potential to shine!



A.N.D.S have taken a risk and have brought back the denim-on-denim style, which can be difficult to pull off if nto matched correctly, but the grunge style waist coats suit them perfectly! Their style certainly gives them a fresh vibe! The song is also fresh with a vibrant beat that makes you want to dance! It would definitely be worth it to check out these girls in the future!



Take a look at “Ttan Tta Da” here at Japako Music!