Sakanaction are proving to be busy this year with the release of a new concept album, as well as recording a theme song for  ‘Bakuman‘!



Sakanaction‘s 6th album will be titled “Natsukashii Tsuki wa Atarashii Tsuki ~Coupling & Remix works~” and will be released on August 5th. You’re able to check out the track list and the different discs and versions below!



[Natsukashii Tsuki wa Atarashii Tsuki ~Coupling & Remix works~]

Tsuki no Namigata ~Coupling & Unreleased works~

・Modokashii Hibi
・Spoon to
・Holly Dance
・Slow Motion
・multiple exposure
・Eiga(Conte 2012/11/16 17/24)
Total of 14 songs including unreleased tracks



Tsuki no Henyou ~Remix works~

・Mikazuki Sunset(FPM EVERLUST MIX)
・Sample(cosmic version)
・Native Dancer(rei harakami Heppoko re-arrange)
・YES NO(AOKI takamasa Remix)
・Light Dance YSST Remix 2015(Remixed by Yoshinori Sunahara)
・Rookie Takkyu Ishino Remix
・Eiga(AOKI takamasa Remix)
・Ame(B)-SAKANATRIBE x ATM version-
・Music(Cornelius Remix)
Total of 12 songs including unreleased tracks


Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray

Tsuki no Keshiki ~Documentary of “GO TO THE FUTURE (2006 ver.)” & MUSIC VIDEOS~




In addition to the concept album, they will also be releasing the theme song for the live action film adaption of the popular manga named ‘Bakuman‘. Fans should be excited, considering it took quite a while and a lot of effort to record the track. Yamaguchi reveals that it took 6 months to create the song and says: “I was able to through a musician’s trouble of ‘writing lyrics’ and a manga artist’s trouble of ‘drawing’. 



Look forward to it, guys!