Sakura Fujiwara is set to release a new album!

It is titled ‘PLAY‘ and will be available in two editions, a CD Only and CD+DVD version. The CDs contain 12 tracks, including the new leading track “Someday” as well as a few songs she released previously as singles. The DVD will have the music video for “Someday” on it as well as ‘Fujiwara Sakura Special Live 2017 -Live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall 20170218-‘ footage.

Her second full album will be released on May 10th! For now check out the CD tracklisting below!

1. My Way
2. Someday
3. Haru no Uta
4. play with me
5. Aka
6. Suki yo Suki yo Suki yo
7. sakura
8. Necklace
9. Soup
10. play sick
12. Hanbunko