Sandaime J Soul Brothers have released the music video for ‘Summer Madness‘ featuring Afrojack!



Summer Madness’ is a collaboration single between Sandaime J Soul Brothers and famous Dutch EDM artist Afrojack! The single might sound familiar at first as it was used as the CM song for ANA’s ‘Tabiwari’.




Perfect for the warm long days, ‘Summer Madness’ has a lively beat that’s sure to get you dancing! It will be released in three different versions: a regular CD, CD + DVD, One Coin CD.




The regular CD version (¥1,296) includes the following tracks:


1) Summer Madness

2) Summer Madness -Apster Remix-

3) Summer Madness -SHINICHI OSAWA Remix-

4) Summer Madness -PKCZ® Remix-

5) Summer Madness -Instrumental-



The CD + DVD edition (¥1,944) includes the above 5 tracks and the music video, whereas the One Coin CD edition (¥500) simply contains the single.



Check out the music video for ‘Summer Madness’ below! It will be released on July 8th!