Seo In Young (서인영) has returned after a 7-month hiatus with ‘Lies (거짓말)‘ off of her new mini album release.



She released her new mini album “Re Birth” on June 10th and she also released a music video for the first track off of the album, “Lie (거짓말).” Both the song and the music video features Kanto from Troy.



During her appearance on the 4 Things Show, Seo In Young (서인영) revealed the album concept to be that of a sad woman. Her label further elaborated by revealing, “The general concept for her new album is ‘Farewell, pain, and love again’. We drew the image of a woman who starts out by being hurt from love and ends up dreaming of a new love.



The emotions can be seen and heard in the music video for “Lie (거짓말)” with Kanto. It shows the emotions of having been deceived as she sings about breaking up with a lying boyfriend after being fed up with all of his lies.  Check it out below: