The ex-ViVid member Shin has revealed that he has started a new band which will be making their debut later this year.



Shin has announced that the upcoming new band will be called White Judas. At current time, they have only one live show set up at “V-NATION” in Tokyo on August 5th and there are no song previews yet.  He has previously tweeted that he looks forward to seeing his fans once more.



The other members also have projects of their own. Drummer KO-KI has formed a band ViX with REALIVE’s Kazuki, DaizyStripper’s Nao, ex-v[NEU]’s Hixro. He has also established his own company “Jace”. On the other hand, guitarist RENO is signed under PS Company as a solo artist and he held a one man live at Shibuya REX on June 4th. He has recorded new songs for which previews are available on his website and some full versions are available as well.



For ViViD fans that just want a little but more of the recently disbanded group, they have announced a DVD release of their finale live performance that was held on April 29th. The DVD is scheduled to be released on August 26th.