It has been announced that member Matsui Rena (Team E) will be graduating this August, but not before participating one last single.



The title of the upcoming single has yet to be revealed, but it is scheduled to be released on August 12th. This single will be the group’s 18th single and first generation member and visual Matsui Rena‘s final single before her graduation at the end of August.



She had previously announced her upcoming graduation from the group during a live radio program last month saying “I felt that I have nothing left to do as a SKE48 member. As I felt so, my feeling that it was time for me to progress to the next step started growing.”



The 23-year-old member also revealed that she had already started thinking about graduating 2 years ago, but that the idea became concrete about a year ago. About the future, she said that she hopes to pursue a career as an actress. However, fans will have the chance to see her before she graduates, as she has revealed that they plan to hold live concerts and other events, in addition to handshake events, before the end of August, so that she can see as many of her fans as possible before her graduation.



It has been revealed in June that SKE48‘s has drafted several members for their 2nd generation –Kamimura Ayuka, Isshiki Rena, Mizuno Airi, Shirai Kotono, and Sugawara MayKamimura and Isshiki are kenkyuusei for Team S, Mizuno and Shirai are kenkyuusei for Team KII, and Sugawara will be under Team E. From now on, the girls will be working hard and aiming to become official members of their respective teams.  Matsui Rena say that she looks forward to seeing how the younger members will liven up the group after her graduation.



Stay tuned for more information on their upcoming single release.