In anticipation for NCT Dream‘s upcoming comeback, a bright and bubbly thread of teaser images have been revealed!

SM have spoiled us rotten with lots of teaser photos for their upcoming comeback “My First and Last“!

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As we mentioned before, Jaemin will not be participating in this comeback due to health reasons. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery!

Judging by the teaser photos, it seems like Jeno will be next in line to reveal his individual teasers! Stay tuned!


More bright and colourful school concept teaser images have been revealed with member Jeno, Jeno and Renjun and a group photo! Stay tuned for more!


The teaser images for the final two members completing NCT Dream‘s comeback this time round with “My First and Last” are out! Haechan and Mark join the other members with their bright teaser images. Check them out and stay tuned for the group’s return on February 9th!