Show Me The Money 4 has released the two tracks of the teams who won the first mission of the 5th episode!




If you haven’t watched the 5th episode of SMTM4 yet,

we suggest not to read this article as it contains spoilers.





The latest episode of Mnet’s SMTM4 showed the team mission of the AOMG, YG and Brand New Music team. The AOMG team consists of the judges Jay Park and Loco and the contestants are Geek‘s Lil Boi, Sik-K, Rhythm Power‘s Gee Goo In, and David Kim who has now been eliminated. YG’s team consists of the judges Tablo and Jinusean and the contestants are Super Bee, Incredivle, Innovator, and the later eliminated New Champ. Brand New Music’s team who had San.E and Verbal Jint as the judges, chose contestants Basik, Microdot, Black Nut and Phantom‘s Hanhae. The fifth episode concludes quite abruptly and it doesn’t show which of the contestants of that team will get eliminated – although the preview of the next episode showed that it was a close battle between Hanhae and Black Nut. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out!



Those, who weren’t eliminated after the team mission, will be featured on the tracks which will be released digitally. And now, the first part is out with the two groups. The first track is made by AOMG’s Gray and features Lil Boi, Sik-K, and Gee Goo In and is, as the title suggests, about “RESPECT“. Those, who follow AOMG should have already noticed that Loco released this as a track as well before featuring Gray and DJ Pumkin.



The other track is YG’s and features Super Bee, Incredivle, and Innovator. The track is called “OG (BE ORIGINAL)“and was produced by YG producer Choice37! ‘OG’ stands for ‘Original Gangster’ and the theme is ‘Originality’.



You can listen to both tracks below and stay tuned for next week, as the songs of Zico & Paloalto and Brand New team will be revealed!










Mnet has now released music videos for the two tracks above which show scenes of the recording. So check them out!







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