SPYAIR are thrown in the cage in their new PV for their upcoming single “Fire Starter (ファイアスターター).”



Their upcoming 16th major single, and 18th single overall, “Fire Starter (ファイアスターター)” is uptempo and intense number with a wild rock sound.  It is being used as the theme song for the on-going Japanese drama “THE LAST COP,” which is a series co-produced by NTV and  Hulu Japan and based off of a German drama titled “Der letzte Bulle.” It premiered its first episode on June 19th, 2015.



The single album will be released on July 22nd in both a CD onl y and CD + DVD version. Both will include the CD with the title track and a coupling track, “JUST LIKE THIS 2015.” The DVD will include the music video for “Fire Starter (ファイアスターター)” and a behind-the-scenes making-of video.



Check out the PV for the upcoming album: