Stellar are back and sexy as ever with their new single ‘Vibrato‘! 



Stellar are back after releasing ‘Fool‘ earlier this year with their new single ‘Vibrato (떨려요)‘ which was released on July 20th! The single album consists of only the title track.



In the music video, Stellar are showing off their womanly figure and long legs in their high slit dresses as they sing about the new and confusing feelings of becoming a woman.  While fans might appreciate (or dislike) the sexy concept, it’s being said that the girls had to fight to wear more clothing during the music video filming. One of the members revealed during an interview, that they spoke together as a group and agreed to tell their management that they wouldn’t film the music video wearing the same costume as was shown in their teaser photo, knowing that it would be impossible to properly and comfortably pull off the choreography with that outfit. In addition, they said that they would have packed their bags and left the company together if they were unable to reach a compromise.



Fortunately, the issue was resolved and the music video released. Check out  the music video below and tell us what you think of the sexy concept!