The girls of T-ara have revealed a few teaser photos teasing for their upcoming comeback with the song “So Crazy (완전 미쳤네).”



The theme for T-ara‘s upcoming comeback seems to be bright and youthful sailors, matching the summer season. The girls have donned their own color of sailor outfits has they prepare for their comeback with “So Crazy (완전 미쳤네)“, a track that was produced by Brave Brothers.



He had previously worked with member Hyomin on her “Nice Body” solo release, but this will be the first time he produced a track for the entire group as a while. “So Crazy (완전 미쳤네)” is reported to be a funky dance song with a brass sound.









Meanwhile, the girls plan to hold their first showcase since their debut on Monday, August 3rd. Additional information on the event will be revealed on MBK Entertainment‘s official website and on T-ara‘s official fan cafe site.



Stay tuned for more information on their upcoming comeback.