Taeyeon has spoiled us with heaps of teasers for her very first solo album!

Her first full album, titled ‘My Voice‘ is slated to release on the 28th of February. Judging by the grand amount of gorgeous teaser photos she has dropped, she’s going for a mature but delicate vibe for her new music. She will be exploring different types of genres for this, so we’re excited to witness her versatility as an artist.

Fine” is the track she’ll be promoting. She also released a special music video for “I Got Love“, which is one of the songs on the album. Contrasting starkly to her short bob and innocent aura in her album teaser photos, she is strong, chic and sassy in “I Got Love“!

You can check it out below, and click the teaser images to enlarge them!

Furthermore, she also released two highlight teaser clips for ‘My Voice‘. Both clips have totally different vibes, which really excites us for the grand release of the album!