Ahead of their upcoming comeback, TEEN TOP have revealed the tracklist, highlight medley and music video teasers for their new mini-album ‘Natural Born‘!



The tracklist for TEEN TOP‘s new mini album ‘Natural Born‘ has been revealed and will contain 6 tracks! Members L.Joe, Niel and C.A.P appear to have been closely involved in the production of the album as they can be seen to have written the lyrics for some of the songs!



teen top



With a range of upbeat sounds, the mini-album’s already sounding good even from the few seconds preview! Check it out below!





The boys have also released two music video teasers for their promotional track ‘Ah-Ah‘! Showing off their skilled footwork, TEEN TOP dance to impress in the teasers, and boy do they impress! ‘Natural Born‘ will be released on June 22nd! Are you excited?!