The Japanese band The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass have announced that they will be kicking off an U.S. tour this August.



This all-female punk rock trio from Tokyo will be attending the J-pop Summit in California for their fourth time. They will be joining other Japanese artists such as YANAKUKIEIR AOI, and GACHARIC SPIN.



After the summit, they will be bringing their unique sound of rock and blues inspired guitar paired with strong raspy vocals and a solid bass across the U.S. on their “A Chain Rapture” tour. The confirmed tour dates are listed below, but more dates may be added:



August 7th – 9th: Fort Mason Center and Union Square, California (J-Pop Summit) – All Ages [TICKETS]

August 11th: Everybody Hits – Philadelphia-All Ages [TICKETS]

August 12th: 1984 – Wilmington, Delaware – 21 and up [TICKETS]

August 13th: The Crown Red – Baltimore, Maryland – 18 and up [TICKETS]

August 14th: The Metropolitan Kitchen – Annapolis, Maryland – 18 and up [TICKETS]

August 15th: Bathtub Republic  – Washington, D.C. – 18 and up [TICKETS]

August 16th: Banditos – Richmond, Virginia – 18 and up [TICKETS]

August 17th: The Saint – Asbury Park, New Jersey – 18 and up [TICKETS]







The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass was formed by bassist  Miki Uchizono in 2005. She was the one that proposed the idea of starting the band. She has previously revealed that she has the idea and the right people in mind for the line-up. She bought in her classmate Kei Sofue, who was a brilliant power drummer, and her sister Yumi Uchizono as guitarist and vocalist.



At first, they only played covers of songs by Japanese garage rock bands, but after 7 months of playing together had passed, they also began to create their own works. The band began to become more active in 2007, when they began to do about 4-6 shows a month for the five years after that. Through those hundreds of shows, the girls tried everything they could think of to take their passion and incorporate it into their works. In this time, they created several recordings and released three self-released albums. They also went on several band tours to promote those album.



The band also took the stage at SXSW in 2012, after which they went on a two month long tour from California to New York City. In 2013, they returned to the U.S. with 2 new, full-length albums. One was the straight punk rock “Proclamation” and the other was their first live-recording album “Live in Brooklyn.”



Praised for their stage presence and live performances, they are a group that will literally rock your socks off. Stay tuned for more information.




Source and Photo Credit: My JHouse Rocks Events and OTS Promotions


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