Korean band THE KOXX has released a teaser for their upcoming single album “Trojan Horse.”



The group made their debut with the single “Enter” in 2010, but it has been three years since their last comeback with their 2012 single release “Gutter Punks (방구석 날라리) (The Koxx Remix).” However, they are back again with another single “Trojan Horse” which is scheduled to be released on July 17th.




Check out the teaser video below:





The upcoming single was entirely produced and performed by the members of THE KOXX with vocalist Hyunsong, guitarist Sooryun, bassist Sunbin, and Synthesizer SHAUN. They recorded the single with Hye Jungwook (허정욱) at Stoneage Studio and Park Taehwan (박태환) at THE PARK. The track was mixed by John P. Koos at doobdoob Studio and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.