South Korea’s boy group The Legend will attend one of the most famous film festivals in China! 



On September 17th it was reported that the Korean boy group The Legend will attend one of the three major film festival in China as representatives for South Korea. This is what the korean online magazine Sportsworld wrote about it:



[Written by Sportsworld journalist Han JunHo]



The Korean boy group The Legend will attend China’s prestigious Golden Rooster’s Hundred Flowers Awards and they will have a congratulatory stage as South Korea’s representatives.



The five member boy group, The Legend (Listen, JaehyukRoi, Lito, Changsun) will perform a celebrating stage at one of the 3 major film festivals in Great China: The 24th Golden Rooster Awards.



On September 17th, The Legend‘s label, SS Entertainment, stated: “On this coming 19th The Legend will be in Jilin where the 24th Gold Rooster Awards is held to celebrate“.



The Golden Rooster Awards in China, the ‘Gold Superiors’ in Hong Kong and the ‘Golden Tourney’ in Taiwan are known as the 3 leading film festivals/award ceremonies in China. Often called ‘The Oscars of China‘, the Golden Rooster Awards that have been held since 1981, and the Hundred Flowers Award that have been held since 1962 had combined into a singular movie festival.



Recent Korean works that have been included at The Golden Rooster’s Hundred Flowers Awards are;
2009’s ‘Mother’ (Best Overseas Film, Best Actress – Kim Hyeja), 2011’s ‘Late Blossom’ (Best Overseas Film, Best Actor – Lee SoonJae); Best Director Chung JiYoung for ‘Unbowed’,  Best Director Kim JiHoon for ‘Tower’ and 2014’s ‘A Girl At My Door’ (Best Overseas Movie, Best Actress – Bae DooNa).



Throughout the day of the film festival a total of 28 category awards will be held alongside celebratory performances. Also a lot of Greater China’s top stars will walk on the red carpet. The Legend will attend the red carpet too and are expected to perform a live version of ‘Shadow‘.



The opening ceremony will be broadcasted live through the Chinese Central Broadcasting channel.



The Legend had debuted into the music industry in July, 2014 with the song ‘Left Out‘. They have an average height of 184cm and speak 4 languages. These global idols had recieved love calls from various places in China.



Meanwhile The Legend have been promoting their current song ‘Shadow‘ actively.

Photos provided by SS Entertainment

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