Tiger JK is back with his new single album titled ‘I Know‘! 



Tiger JK has released his new single album ‘I Know‘ which includes two new tracks, ‘I Know‘ and ‘Forever‘, as well as an acoustic version of ‘Forever‘.



The title song ‘I Know‘ is fast paced with a really catchy hook. The short music video teaser adds some humour as Tiger JK finds himself getting kidnapped by Bizzy and Dino, only to then be stranded by a bus stop.





The second track ‘Forever‘ or as it’s known by its Korean title ‘Nice to meet you‘ is a sincere song by Tiger JK expressing his thankful heart for his fans who have supported and loved him. The chorus features Yoon Mirae whose voice excellently matches the overall gentle tone of both the song and the music video.





Fans can download Tiger JK‘s new single album [HERE]!