UNC have finally released their new single titled “Black Bottle” featuring LWhee.



Fans will be happy to hear that this group is back considering they had an incredibly long hiatus beforehand! UNC were active musically back in the early 2000’s and stopped with their activities after. However after the release of JT‘s (the leader of UNC) single titled ‘Perfect’ which was released earlier this year , UNC are right on his tail with their own release as a group!



Black Bottle” boasts about the group’s confidence, pride and triumph as they earn the title of veteran rappers! The song features LWhee from BMF Crew, adding more flavour to the song. 2Deep and Ray Hill  produced the track while Ray Hill mixed and mastered the song too. These names may be familiar to some fans considering they also helped out JT in his single for “Perfect” and are also quite active in Australia! JT wrote the lyrics too, making the song hit home for many of the fans! LWhee also helped with the lyrics too.



After this release, UNC are expected to stay active in the music industry, so stay tuned with Japako for the latest information!



You can listen to the song below and their Facebook page [HERE]:




Photo Credit: UNC