UP10TION’ everybody, a new boy group is coming for your hearts!



TOP Media, house of other Korean boy groups TEEN TOP and 100%, which founded by the one and only Shinhwa’s Andy, will soon debut its new boy group, ‘UP10TION’ (read as “Uptention”). The members recently showcased their singing, rapping and dancing abilities through Naver TV Cast special “Masked Rookies King,” which was styled in the same manner of the well-known “Masked King” program.



The first of ten members to be revealed was Wooshin, who captured the attention of TEEN TOP Chunji and 100% Rokhyun, for his small face and his resemblance to actor Park Bo Gum.








Following shortly after, other four members were also introduced to the fans through the group official Facebook page: Hwanhee, Jinhoo and Bit-to.
















Sixth member to be revealed was Kun who showcased a catching beat-boxing and introduced himself as actor Kim Woo Bin’s doppelganger.




Stay tuned for more information on these rookie boys, as there are many other members that have yet to be introduced.