Japanese band UVERworld has announced that they will be releasing a new single titled “I LOVE THE WORLD.”



They announced the news during one of the live concerts they held last month that the new single would be released on August 26th. Meanwhile, it has also been announced that the single’s title track had been chosen to be the theme song for the online game “Dragon Nest.”



Dragon Nest” is an MMORPG, which has been released in Korea, China, and Japan in March – April of 2010. It was developed by South Korean developer Eyedentity Games, Inc. and released by online game portal Hangame. In addition, the special limited edition version of the album will include a serial code number to obtain a limited edition item from the game.



UVERworld’s vocalist TAKUYA∞ had commented, “The concept this time is ‘to go back to the roots,’ and we are a band that formed through our love for music. Although this is our 15th year, we are continuously carrying out our activities while enjoying music.”




Stay tuned for the single’s upcoming release on August 26th.