VAV revealed they are ready to return with a new album.

Their company A Team Entertainment (previously AQ Entertainment) said that the group will show brand new music and concept. Additionally as other members graduated from the group, there will be new members joining.

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They have now also unveiled the comeback schedule for ‘Venus‘ and starting from February 6th they will reveal teaser images and more until the final album and music video release on the 18th.

So look forward to the new album as well as new members and stay tuned for more updates!


VAV have revealed the first teaser image of a new member! Fans may recognise him as Noh Yoonho who participated in Monsta X‘s survival show ‘No Mercy‘. He’s trained for around nine years now and will be finally making his debut as Ayno. Stay tuned for more!


Yet another member has been revealed! Just a day after the unveiling of Ayno, member Lou has been announced! Check out his teaser photo below!


VAV teasing process for ‘VENUS‘ doesn’t stop and today we are being introduced to the last new member of the group! His name is Ziu, he is very tall (185 cm) like a model, and he has heartwarming visuals. Check out his individual teaser video below and the now complete group image for “Venus (Dance with me)“!

Stay tuned for more individual teasers!


Another member’s photo has been released! This time, it’s for Ace! Grabbing fans’ attention with his vibrant blue hair, fans are even more excited about their comeback!


The next VAV member to drop their teaser image is Jacob! Looking sharp like a sculpture, Jacob is stealing our breath away!