VAV have unveiled the fist teaser clip for their upcoming comeback with single album ‘VENUS (Dance With Me)‘, produced by well known producer Ryan S.Jhun!

They have previously revealed a bunch of teaser images, including individual and a group photo. Through them they have also showed their new members Lou, Ziu and Noh Yoon-Ho (Ayno) who took part in Mnet survival program NO MERCY.

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According to their comeback schedule next up are 7 teaser clips and the first one has been revealed now. All the boys are seen and you can already hear a part of the audio. Check it out above!

Additionally, A Team Entertainment has revealed some more details! On February 13th, the person-in-charge stated, “Lee Hae-In appeared in VAV ‘비너스(Dance with ME)’ music video as female lead, MV shooting finished with success and VAV is going to come back with new song on mid Feb. “

Lee Hae In took part in Mnet survival program Produce 101 and was members of the unit group I.B.I who released “몰래몰래 (Molae Molae)“.

A Team shared, “We really appreciate and thank Lee Hae-In who volunteer to stare as female lead in VAV ‘비너스(Dance with ME)’ music video. She is very friendly and outgoing, keep the mv shooting set atmosphere bright and happy.”

Look forward to more updates soon!



VAV have released the next teaser clip in which we can see more of the setting and the members handsome looks! Tomorrow another one will be unveiled. For now, check out the clip below and stay tuned!



Today, Ziu‘s teaser clip has been unveiled! He is one of the new members, along with Lou and Noh Yoon-Ho (Ayno). A Team revealed tomorrows member to be Ayano, so look forward to it!



VAV revealed another new member’s teaser clip! This time the focus is on Ayano. Check it out below!

Additionally, they revealed the audio preview for their upcoming title track “Venus (Dance With Me)“. Seems like it will be an exciting song!



VAV have now also revealed two more teaser clips. The first one is for Jacob and the other one is a new group teaser. Check them out below and look forward to the music video that will drop really soon!

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