VICTON are rearing and ‘Ready‘ to go for their return with their 2nd mini album!

The boys announced their comeback with the dark and mysterious teaser image shown above. A black and red tracklist was also been revealed showing a total of 5 new tracks. However, although the tracklist seems to hint at a dark concept, the individual teaser images suggest otherwise. So far only the images for members Han Se and Byung Chan have been released. The boys show that they can be both classy and masculine as well as soft and gentle in the contrasting concept images. Check them out below and click to enlarge.

Are you ‘Ready‘ for VICTON‘s comeback on March 2nd?!


Check out the music video teasers for Byungchan and Hanse below! The group will promoting their track “EYEZ EYEZ“! Have a look as the boys strut and strike a pose with a trippy neon background behind them!


The teaser images for the remaining members have been released! Following the same concept as above, the boys are showing off their dual charms by being both charismatic and tender.

In addition, the video teasers for Heo Chan and Su Bin have been dropped in which they look super stylish and confident! Stay tuned for the rest of the teasers.


Adding to the breathtaking pictures, VICTON have now released individual teaser videos for Lim Se Jun, Kang Seung Sik and Hang Seung Woo. Check them out below!

Finally, the group has unveiled a group teaser video in which we can finally see all the members together while a powerful yet hypnotic instrumental plays in the background. Check it out!