Starlights, prepare for a new VIXX sub unit! 



August 17th 2015 at 0AM (KST). Mark the date on your phones and set your alarm clocks on as it’s the day VIXX‘s first sub unit will debut on the music scene. It will be a duo formed by lead vocal Leo and main rapper Ravi. Their sub unit will be called LR.



Early this week Rovix started a countdown on the group’s official site and at first, fans were confused by the image of the five boys’ silhouettes. Now it shows just Ravi‘s and Leo‘s confirming the news of the sub unit debut.



In addiction to this, Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX’s label, released an official teaser video on RealVIXX Youtube channel: the video shows Ravi and Leo performing during their past concerts while a instrumental track plays in the background. Check the teaser video below!





Starlights, stay tuned for more news and teasers!