Wagakki Band announced their 3rd album, titled ‘Shikisai‘ and revealed the tracklist as well as the album covers.

It will be available in 6 different versions, a limited CD+Blu-ray/DVD with music videos, another two with live performances from ‘Nikkou Toushougu 400th Anniversary Oneman Live‘ last year, a regular CD Only and 2CD+2DVD+Blu-ray mu-mo fanclub edition.

There will be a total of 17 tracks, including the bonus track “Children Record” and more. Their latest song release “Okinotayu” is also part of it. If you haven’t watched the music video for it, you can do so [HERE]. Also check out the tracklist and covers below!

The album will be officially released on March 22nd and will be available worldwide. You can purchase it online at Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. The physical album is available (with international shipping) at mu-mo shop [HERE].


  1. Okinotayu (オキノタユウ)
  2. Yukiyo Mai Chire Sochira ni Mukete (雪よ舞い散れ其方に向けて)
  3. Valkyrie -Senotome- (Valkyrie-戦乙女-)
  4. Kishikaisei (起死回生)
  5. Mi・Ra・I (ミ・ラ・イ)
  6. Strong Fate
  7. Ukiyo heavy life (浮世heavy life)
  8. Ryuusei (流星)
  9. Hotarubi (蛍火)
  10. Sora no Kiwami e (空の極みへ)
  11. Tori no You ni (鳥のように)
  12. Mochizuki (望月)
  13. Watashi Shijou Shugi (ワタシ・至上主義)
  14. CLEAN
  15. Howling
  17. Children Record (チルドレンレコード) (Bonus Track)


  • Okinotayuu (MUSIC VIDEO)
  • Yukiyo Mai Chire Sochira ni Mukete (MUSIC VIDEO)
  • Valkyrie -Senotome- (MUSIC VIDEO)
  • Strong Fate (MUSIC VIDEO)
  • Kishikaisei (MUSIC VIDEO)
  • Okinotayuu (MAKING)
  • Yukiyo Mai Chire Sochira ni Mukete (MAKING)