Fans have been waiting a long time and finally YG Ent. have announced WINNER‘s plans to return next month!

The group will return with their new release titled ‘Fate Number For‘, a meaningful move since it will be the first time the boys promote as four members since the departure of member Taehyun from the group last year.

The teaser shows a birds eye view of the boys dressed in suits and dispersed across the image. Although the number 4 may have negative connotations to some, the number 444 however is a lucky number that suggests an angel is watching over you.

Check out the teaser and stay tuned for WINNER‘s highly¬†anticipated return on April 4th at 4pm KST!



WINNER revealed a new teaser video for their upcoming comeback with ‘Fate Number Four‘. In it, references to ‘Fate’ were made like “fate will find a way” or “amor fati” which is Latin and translates to “love of fate”. This quote refers to the way someone looks at one’s fate, be it good or bad. Things that happened are viewed as necessary and are part of life.

Seems like the boys will return with a really meaningful release! You can check out the teaser below and please share your thoughts. Have you also found other references?

Additionally, they unveiled a new teaser poster in which they reveal the title of one of their upcoming tracks, which is most likely their leading track. Also, members Yoon (Kang Seunyoon), Mino, and Hoony (Lee Seunghoon) are credited.

Check it out below and stay tuned for further updates!


WINNER released a new teaser image, this time for the track “Fool“. Solely member Yoon wrote the lyrics for this one. He also helped compose it alongside Airplay.

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