YG Entertainment‘s boy group WINNER will be finally making a long-awaited comeback with the massive 2016 project titled ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’!



The good news on the upcoming comeback were revealed with the release of a poster and a teaser film, which displays members’ new style, new story and definitely new, better than before music! As it can be seen on the poster, the whole project ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’ will consist of five steps, which will gradually provide us with a new release!








According to the information on the poster, the first step of the project is the entry single release on January 11th. The entry single titled ‘Pricked’ turned out to be Mino and Taehyun‘s collaboration track! The song came out deep and emotional, and it was revealed that Mino wrote lyrics and took part in composing as well. The cover art of the single below is also Mino‘s work! The new song is available for purchase on iTunes [HERE].






There won’t be music video released for Mino and Taehyun‘s “Pricked”, but YG Entertainment unveiled the new teaser videos for these two boys below! As we can see, both Mino and Taehyun had changed their style and are rocking the new, more mature concept! The remaining three members’ teaser videos will be revealed soon as well!







The second step in WINNER‘s comeback project was revealed to be a mini-album titled ‘EXIT: E’, for which the release date is set to be February 1st. The mini-album will consist of 5 tracks, including the pre-released entry single ‘Pricked’. It was announced that the album will be double-title-tracked with both “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental” as the title tracks. The remaining two songs are “Immature” and “I’m Young”.






The track list reveals how hard WINNER has worked on the new album, as we can see the members had taken an active part in producing, composing and writing all of the songs! Taehyun, Mino and Seunghoon created the two title tracks, while Seungyoon, Mino and Seunghoon worked together for “Immature”. Taehyun has also put his soul in the creation of “I’m Young”.



The album will come out in two versions: SHOREDITCH VER., which will have a strong vibe, and ALEXANDRA PALACE VER. with warmer and more emotional concept. There are also two different covers for both versions, which can be seen below.









Although there were no music video for the “Pricked”, the fans will be soon treated with three new music videos for “Baby Baby”, “Sentimental” and “I’m Young” from the upcoming mini-album! So stay tuned for that and for the mini-album official release on February 1st! Be also ready for the details on the remaining three steps in the WINNER 2016 project!


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