On January 26th JYP Entertainment has announced Wonder Girls‘ disbandment.

There were already some speculations going around last year after JYP has confirmed the news of the members’ expiring contracts in January.

In fact, Yubin and Lim have renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment, while Yeeun and Sunmi have decided to take different paths.

The members of Wonder Girls also left their farewell messages for their fans in a video titled ‘THANK YOU FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL’, that shows the moments spent together in the past 10 years. Check it out above!

Moreover, the girls will release their last single together on February 10th, the day of their 10th anniversary.

JYP stated, “As a thank you to all the fans that stayed faithful to Wonder Girls over the past 10 years, the group will be releasing a final digital single on February 10, their 10th anniversary“.