Wonder Girls are finally making their return as a 4 member group with their individual teaser clips!



While it was announced before that the ladies will be taking out their instruments for this comeback, the girls drop some seriously awesome clips to prove it!



The thread of teasers began with Sunmi on the bass, Yubin on the drums, Hye Rim (Lim) on the guitar and then Ye Eun (Yenny) on the piano. The girls are undeniably sexy yet charming at the same time as they show off their talent whilst looking fierce and flawless. It seems that they will be taking a completely different turn from their comeback in 2012 titled “Like This“, so stay tuned!



Sunmi and Yubin‘s teasers have even reached past 1 million views in less than a week! It shows that fans are super excited for the group’s return!



You can check out the teasers below!