Wonder Girls sings “I Feel You” for their most recent comeback.



After going under a major formation revolution, the four girls of Wonder Girls members Sunmi, Yubin, Hye Lim and Yeeun, have finally made their Korean comeback with a band concept and a new full studio album titled “REBOOT“.



The album consists of 12 tracks and all of them except for the title track “I Feel You“, were handled by the members. “I Feel You”, on the other hand, is the work of JYP Entertainment very own CEO, J.Y. Park even if the girls partecipated in the making of the instrumental playing various instruments themselves (Yenny the piano, Yubin the drums, Sunmi the bass-guitar and Hye Lim the guitar).



1) Baby don’t play

2) Candle (ft. Paloalto)

3) I Feel You

4) Rewind

5) Loved

6) John Doe

7) One Black Night

8) Back

9) 오빠 (OPPA)

10) 사랑이 떠나려 할 때 (Faded Love)

11) 없어 (GONE)

12) 이 순간 (Remember)




The CD only version of the album also includes a special bonus track, “20150711 (Talk)” which is a collaboration track that also features former members Sunye and Sohee. In the track, fans can listen to all the members talking about their daily lives.



For the title track “I Feel You“, there was a music video that was released on August 2nd in which the four members portray their abilities of dancing while playing their instruments. Check them out in the video below!