Wonder Girls are keeping us on our toes with all the teasers they’ve been releasing lately!



It seems that Wonder Girls are sticking to their roots with the retro vibe considering the “I Feel You” music video teaser is much reminiscent to their “Nobody” and “Be My Baby” days! It starts off with Sunmi suggestively sitting on a toilet seat and gesturing us to come closer, until she pulls down the zipper of her shorts and takes us to another realm where the members are performing a snippet of their song!



They’ve also released an album medley for ‘Reboot‘ where we can hear what each song will sound like! It’s still very Wonder Girls-esque, which is definitely a good thing considering it’ll be something new to bring to the scene this summer! Each member had a part to play in creating a song, making the album that bit special!



You can check out the music video teaser and album medley below!