Wonder Girls leave fans in awe with their new sexy rock band concept for ‘Reboot‘! They also express their excitement about coming back.



The girls look absolutely fierce yet gorgeous at the same time in their teaser pictures! With feisty gazes, sexy outfits and instruments that they proved to be good at in their teaser videos, Wonder Girls are keeping fans on their toes for this comeback!



They have also released a full track list of their upcoming 3rd album. One of their songs even feature Paloalto, who has been noticed a lot since he’s one of the producers along with Zico in Show Me The Money 4. Never the less, he’s an excellent and well respected rapper, so we’re sure that the track that he’s going to feature on will be remarkable!



Check out the teaser images and track list below!









The girls also made an appearance on the Naver app ‘V’, which they talked about how they were looking forward to make a comeback again! They said: “Wonder Girls has returned with ‘Reboot,'” to which Yubin adds, “We’re so happy to be saying hi to you after such a long time.” Hye Rim states, “We participated in the writing and composing of many tracks on this album, so please look forward to Wonder Girls, which has transformed into band.” Ye Eun then concludes it with, “Please show us lots of love and support for returning after a long time.



Are you guys looking forward to it?