Akdong Musician will be back with their new full album ‘Adolescence‘ on January 3rd.

YG Entertainment released a teaser image for their new album. Suhyun and Chanhyuk look very mature but still sweet with a warm effect and winter theme in the background.

Stay tuned for AKMU’s new full album!


Since fans can’t wait to hear a little preview of the duo’s new album, YG Entertainmnet have announced that on January 1st through a V-app live, fans will be able to enjoy a 20 minutes musical short film! The siblings filmed the short musical movie in a week at Okkaido, Japan.

This is an exclusive opportunity for AKMU‘s fans so don’t miss it!


On December 23rd, Papa YG unveiled a new teaser pic on his personal Instagram for Akdong Musician‘s upcoming comeback. This time around, it hints at an “Acoustic Premiere: Springtime Theater” on December 28th.

Stay tuned for more!


With the comeback’s date approaching, more teasers are coming out. This time, YG Entertainment unveiled AKMU‘s comeback schedule and individual character posters for Suhyun and Chanhyuk.

Both individual posters come with a quote. Suhyun‘s, the first poster released, read “AKMU is in grave danger because of my ugly brother“. Perhaps as a cute and funny reply to her, Chanhyuk‘s poster quote says: “What are you gonna do if I go out on <Show Me The Money>?

Check them out below!


The track list for their new full album is out! It will include 8 songs: Live, Reality, Last Goodbye, Play Ugly, Chocolady, You Know Me, Way Back Home, Will Last Forever. As usual, Chanhyuk wrote and composed all the songs of the album. He’s such a talented guy!